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for Gold Line Mobiliário


The Passos Collection is a visual order with rhythm, purity and lightness. It is an invitation to comfort, to value our spaces by allowing freedom and sensitivity.

We approach the world of dance in a rational way, understanding the proximity it has to design, since choreography is a form of writing, just like the project.
We designed elements and nuances that could be choreographed.

The design of structures, shapes, surfaces and materials establish a relationship between the pieces. These elements are repeated, but not in the same way, providing sensitive alternations to the Collection.

During our research, we came across several artists who inspired us throughout the creation process, especially in the modern dance movement, in which expressions and sensations begin to be important. Because of this, we named each piece with one of their names. The six types of furniture give rise to the Passos Collection.

Set includes:

Isa Sofa 

Pina Armchair and Ottoman

Loie Tables

Ruth Tea Cart

Maria Coat Hack

Martha Sideboard

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