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Marllon Morais and Rodrigo Queiroz have different backgrounds, but the same passion for design. The sensitivity for poetry and art, permeated by the welcoming atmosphere of the city of Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais, led the two together to follow the path of architecture and design photography. This experience provided the basis for the development of a sharper look by the professionals, who decided, from there, to experience the freedom to design independently.

Marllon is an architect and has complementary training in visual arts and sculpture by Belas Artes, while Rodrigo graduated in Product Design and has a specialization in carpentry. It was with Rodrigo's work that Marllon aroused his passion for objects. “I saw Rodrigo developing an armchair and I fell in love with the scale of the product, which is different from thinking about an architectural project. It is a more introspective moment, different from architecture with a much larger scale and longer processes”, he explains.

And it was from this mutual interest in experimenting and creating, seeking the essence and potential of design in contemporary times, that the Studio Dentro was born. Together, Marllon and Rodrigo develop authorial objects, lamps and furniture that explore materiality and its aesthetic value. The use of different materials and the contrast between them is one of the highlights of the work of Estúdio Dentro, which seeks to convey lightness and purity, even with the “brutality” of some raw materials.

The name “Dentro” represents the introspective look of the creative process of the designers, who seek their own identity and total delivery in their creations. The professionals' involvement in the production process is integral, they dedicate themselves to the pieces, individually, from creation to production. “It is very important to be close to the production process of the pieces inside the studio and with our partners in the joinery and locksmiths. This contact allows for a constant discovery of new techniques and possibilities. All of this is a guide in our creative process ”.

Photo: Studio Tertúlia


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Design of objects, lamps and furniture

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