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for Gold Line Mobiliário


The Caminhos Collection emerges from the studio's continuous desire to explore different materials and elements within the same line. Organic forms upon rigid structures underpin the collection, establishing an atmosphere of shelter and diversity. Each piece carries its individuality within the spectrum of the collection, complementing each other collectively and standing on its own individually.

Within the creative process, the aim was to chart a path for each piece, using materials in various ways, configuring elements at times more rectilinear, at times more organic. This creates a dialogue between material and form, with the goal of making the ensemble richer and more diverse.

Set includes:

Sopro Sideboard

Ilha Stool (Unitary and Quadruple)

Sopro Tea Card

Aura Mirror

Margem Center Table

Margem Side Table

Brisa Armchair

Baia Sofa

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